Operated by Yvonne Davies

An Alison Lawson Centre is due to open in March 2011, in the Western Australian town of Dalwallinu, situated in the Central Wheatbelt and is operated by Yvonne Davies, who has worked with children with and without learning difficulties over a long period of time.  She has also, at the request of parents provided one-to-one tutoring for children with limited learning development.  Although this was helpful to some degree the difficulty with words remained.

Her interest in the Alison Lawson technique came from being involved with two of her grandchildren who needed help to master the art of reading and writing.  Research led to contacts all over Australia and some from New Zealand who had firsthand knowledge of those treated with the Alison Lawson technique.  These people all had stories to tell of life changing success and obvious on-going benefits.  The grandchildren were then very successfully treated by Fiona Summons at The Alison Lawson Centre Victoria.  Yvonne recognized the need for other children to have ready access to these treatments and has been trained in the application of the Alison Lawson technologies and treatment for dyslexia and learning difficulties.